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Are you a farmer or roofing contractor located in the beautiful Southwest Counties of Dorset, Somerset, Devon, or Cornwall?

Is your view at work over the rolling hills of Hampshire, Wiltshire and the Salisbury Plain?

Do you need to re-roof an old building on a farm, or over roof a building that may have asbestos present and do not wish to bare the costs of disposal of the waste, or cannot afford to
shut your business down while refurbishment is carried out.

Hardy Roofing can help you by supplying all your roofing and cladding needs at competitive prices. We deal in fibre cement (replacement for asbestos), traditional galvanized tin, plastisol coated sheets, painted sheets and composite sheets as well as flashings made by us with our new computer controlled bender to your specification in 3 metre lengths.

We have the goods that hold your sheets up in the guise of Zed purlins and C section beams, as well as all the fixings you could want to hold it all in place including timber, light steel, heavy steel and baz fixings along with hook bolts and spat washers.

To help us deliver the goods to you in the Southwest area we have some smaller vehicles to suit those tight country lanes in the way of 7.5 tonne lorries and 3.5 tonne vans that will solve the problem. 




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